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Welcome to SSTAuto RV's customer corner. Here at SSTAutoRV we take great pride in offering our customers quality service in every aspect of what we do. (The Customer Comes First) Whether it's a new RV or pre-owned / used RV you're looking for or possibly it's service and repair on an RV ? We will work diligently to help you and make your time with us pleasant and informative every step of the way. We also offer Mobile RV Service & Repair, performed by Certified Techs at very affordable prices. Our staff is committed to serving all your RV needs. Here at SSTAutoRV we LOVE what we do and will work hard to earn your business. That's a Promise !  Arizona RV Dealer
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Canyon Cat
delivery 5-11-15 001.jpg 2014 rv buyers 007.jpg 2014 rv buyers 010.jpg customers 10-10-14 015.jpg customers 10-10-14 011.jpg
Enjoy Your New Canyon Cat Dave... The Barry's with there NEW Can... Hitting the road , enjoying Li... Get out there and prowl with y... Anthony Montolla & New Canyon ...

customer pics 1-26 thru 4-15  2015 001.jpg customer pics 1-26 thru 4-15  2015 007.jpg customer pics 1-26 thru 4-15  2015 018.jpg customer pics 1-26 thru 4-15  2015 028.jpg customer pics 4-24-15 tru 5-6-15 001.jpg
Excited to GET OUT THERE with ... Enjoy that PUMA Toy Hauler Mr.... Wishing Anthony all the best !... Great to meet the Hay's Family... Chris Kuchler and his NEW Puma...
customer pics 4-24-15 tru 5-6-15 011.jpg customer pics 4-24-15 tru 5-6-15 004.jpg 2014 rv buyers 009.jpg 2014 rv buyers 013.jpg 2014 rv buyers 025.jpg
Great to meet the Torel's - En... Best of travels to Mr Bohanan ... Brian & Krista Hagler taking d... Bryant & Natalie taking delive... The Durkins getting ready to P...
2014 rv buyers 002.jpg 2014 rv buyers 003.jpg customers 10-10-14 001.jpg customers 10-10-14 003.jpg deliveries 8-14 002.jpg
Another Happy Camper ! Best Wishes & Happy Trails Happy Trails to Terry & Tiffan... Time To Have Some Fun - Tillma... Time To Enjoy Life ! Best Wish...
deliveries - 8-5 thru 8-11 001.jpg deliveries - 8-5 thru 8-11 005.jpg deliveries - 8-5 thru 8-11 002.jpg deliveries  8-1-14 001.jpg deliveries  8-1-14 002.jpg
Happy Camping to Monty & Sharr... All The Best to Dan Fowley he... Time To Make Some Memories ! F... Ron Blue with his Brand New 35... Great Meeting You - Jeff & Cyn...
deliveries  8-1-14 003.jpg delivery's 7-21-14 004.jpg delivery - eddie torres heartland tt 002.jpg the bonelli's new puma 001.jpg delivery pics 006.jpg
Wishing you both the BEST ! Br... The Mueler's ready to prowl wi... Time to go camping ! Micheal L... The Bonelli's New PUMA travel ... Dustin & Becky Ross--2014 Puma...

2014 rv buyers 015.jpg 2014 rv buyers 016.jpg
Jim & Gwen with new Radiance 2... Wishing Dale & Suzanne all the...

delivery 5-14-15 002.jpg customer pics 1-26 thru 4-15  2015 042.jpg 2014 rv buyers 020.jpg deliveries  8-1-14 004.jpg
Mr & Mrs Rogers - Enjoy That ... Here with there new Sabre Trav... Mathew & Monica taking deliver... All the best to Frank & Carol ...

Snow River
customer pics 4-24-15 tru 5-6-15 007.jpg
Best of travels to the Thompso...

Spartan Toy Hauler
customer pics 1-26 thru 4-15  2015 021.jpg customer pics 1-26 thru 4-15  2015 010.jpg customer pics 1-26 thru 4-15  2015 011.jpg
Great Choice of Toy Hauler fro... Happy Trails from Gail to Gary... SST wishes Albert & Anita all ...
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Spartan Toy Haulers

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